About Cosmic Tit

The Cosmic Tit was named by Louie six specifically to annoy the wizard. He’d won the naming rights in a 10,000 point game of one-on-one with the ship’s avatar (who had already declared a liking for the name which sort of took the sting out of winning as far as Louie was concerned). You can tell that the wizard didn’t like it. Louie six doesn’t know he’s Louie six, but that’s another story.

Cosmictit.com is a repository for Slab’s cast-off’s escapades and is open to authors who are keen to have fun with the Slabscape universe and all that sails in her. It was born out of the belief that many readers are potential writers and that most fans can imagine story lines just as good as the one the original creators of the canon can dream up. Sometimes better. In other words; good fan-fiction is good fiction and many other fans enjoy it.

Of course, we need some fans first, but you have to start somewhere and we’re starting in the remote depths of space.

If you are interested in writing some cosmically titillating stories, hit the contribute tab.

A quick note about the site design. We are huge fans of popcornfiction.com – it’s a site filled with short stories which are mostly written by screenwriters and we’ve been following it pretty much since it started. The basic design of our site owes a lot to that one because it does everything we wanted to do, simply, effectively and speedily. So here’s a nod and a tip of the hat to popcornficton – however, if anyone over there is outraged by our blatant plagiarism of their functionality, please let us know and we’ll bow, scrape and change it until they are satisfied. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery you know. One more thing: They are apparently in the process of redesigning their site so if you click on the link and think; ‘What in Dice’s name are you on about – it’s nothing like CosmicTit?’ then forget we ever said anything.