I want to write a Cosmic Tit story...

OK, that’s dupe. Here are some arbitrary rules:
·   You must be conversant with the slab universe as described in Slabscape:Reset and you must be able to write ‘in character’.
·   You don’t have to include references to Slabscapedia articles, but if you do, that is going to get you extra merit points – even if you have to submit a pedia entry to make it come together.
·   You must understand that we need to try to balance the ‘internal integrity’ of the Slabscape canon while at the same time opening up to others to write stories that fit into it and take the Cosmic Tit to places we haven’t yet imagined. This means that your wonderful and brilliant idea (like …and then the sun went supernova and everyone was returned to their component nuclei – The End) might not fit with our plans so please don’t take it personally if your idea or story is rejected.
·   We will have to get into some legal details like ownership and usage permissions and so on in order to publish your story and we’ll only do that once we’ve agreed to go further but it must be expressly understood that any ideas you submit in the initial pitch process may be similar or identical to ideas we are already developing or have also been submitted by other writers. At some point in the future we’re going to try to instigate some form of wiki system that will publicly date and publish the pitch ideas so that other writers can see them (and maybe others can vote for the ones they like) – after all, there’s no point in submitting something that someone else is already working on and this process might even lead to some interesting collaborative efforts. But it is in the nature of creativity that several people may have very similar ideas at the same time. If you are not prepared to take the risk that your idea might not be unique and that you might see something very similar to your idea being used without getting the credit please do not submit your pitch.
·   All characters, names, imagined technology and locations as described in Slabscape:Reset, Slabscapedia, S. Spencer Baker authored Cosmic Tit stories and related publications are copyright Blip Books/S. Spencer Baker and while we may allow free usage of these copyrights for the purpose of writing stories to be published through cosmictit.com, we retain the exclusive rights to these characters, names, imagined technologies and locations and in no way transfer any rights for their commercial exploitation without our written permission.
·   The basic idea is to publish the stories for free through this site. Making any income from them is a long way off in the future – but not impossible – and in that event we will negotiate a royalty sharing deal with the authors concerned.
·   We’re aiming at short stories between 2,000 and 8,000 words and you would have to have a very good reason to bust that envelope.
·   If you are happy with all this and you want to pitch an idea, please contact us here with a very brief outline of your story (less than 500 words please). Please DO NOT send your finished story until we’ve agreed the legal stuff.