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These are simple terms of use in plain English which means they are not as detailed or comprehensive as a full-blown legal document. Anything not covered here should be considered aligned with general internet usage and common practise however if more detailed terms are required, please contact the email address at the foot of this notice.
By using this site you accept and agree to these terms of use and we reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time. If you don’t agree to these terms you may not use the site.
You are free to use this website for the purpose of reading content and posting comments for non-commercial use. You are not permitted to try to access the website server for any other purpose (such as hacking into the server to alter the code or content).
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We use Google Analytics to track non-personal visitor information and have a basic privacy policy here which also details how you can choose to opt out of that data collection.
We require a statement from contributing authors that their work is original, free from lien and does not constitue a breach of copyright. If you have a legitimate claim that an author’s contribution contravenes a copyright please email us in the first instance at the contact email below. We will endeavour to take down any disputed content within three working days of being notified of any breach unless it is clear that such a notification is frivolous and without merit. Such take-down will indemnify us from any and all liabilities connected with the alleged infringement.

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